amazonka-route53-0.0.5: Amazon Route 53 SDK.

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This action creates a new health check.

To create a new health check, send a POST request to the '2013-04-01/healthcheck' resource. The request body must include an XML document with a CreateHealthCheckRequest element. The response returns the CreateHealthCheckResponse element that contains metadata about the health check.



Request constructor

Request lenses

chcCallerReference :: Lens' CreateHealthCheck Text Source

A unique string that identifies the request and that allows failed CreateHealthCheck requests to be retried without the risk of executing the operation twice. You must use a unique CallerReference string every time you create a health check. CallerReference can be any unique string; you might choose to use a string that identifies your project.

Valid characters are any Unicode code points that are legal in an XML 1.0 document. The UTF-8 encoding of the value must be less than 128 bytes.

chcHealthCheckConfig :: Lens' CreateHealthCheck HealthCheckConfig Source

A complex type that contains health check configuration.


Response constructor

Response lenses

chcrHealthCheck :: Lens' CreateHealthCheckResponse HealthCheck Source

A complex type that contains identifying information about the health check.

chcrLocation :: Lens' CreateHealthCheckResponse Text Source

The unique URL representing the new health check.