amazonka-route53-0.0.5: Amazon Route 53 SDK.

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This action disassociates a VPC from an hosted zone.

To disassociate a VPC to a hosted zone, send a POST request to the '2013-04-01hostedzonehosted zone ID/disassociatevpc resource. The request body must include an XML document with a DisassociateVPCFromHostedZoneRequest element. The response returns the DisassociateVPCFromHostedZoneResponse element that contains ChangeInfo for you to track the progress of the DisassociateVPCFromHostedZoneRequest you made. See GetChange operation for how to track the progress of your change.



Request constructor

Request lenses

dvpcfhzComment :: Lens' DisassociateVPCFromHostedZone (Maybe Text) Source

Optional: Any comments you want to include about a DisassociateVPCFromHostedZoneRequest.

dvpcfhzHostedZoneId :: Lens' DisassociateVPCFromHostedZone Text Source

The ID of the hosted zone you want to disassociate your VPC from.

Note that you cannot disassociate the last VPC from a hosted zone.

dvpcfhzVPC :: Lens' DisassociateVPCFromHostedZone VPC Source

The VPC that you want your hosted zone to be disassociated from.


Response constructor

Response lenses

dvpcfhzrChangeInfo :: Lens' DisassociateVPCFromHostedZoneResponse ChangeInfo Source

A complex type that contains the ID, the status, and the date and time of your DisassociateVPCFromHostedZoneRequest.