amazonka-sns-0.2.1: Amazon Simple Notification Service SDK.

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Adds a statement to a topic's access control policy, granting access for the specified AWS accounts to the specified actions.



Request constructor

addPermission Source

AddPermission constructor.

The fields accessible through corresponding lenses are:

Request lenses

apAWSAccountId :: Lens' AddPermission [Text] Source

The AWS account IDs of the users (principals) who will be given access to the specified actions. The users must have AWS accounts, but do not need to be signed up for this service.

apActionName :: Lens' AddPermission [Text] Source

The action you want to allow for the specified principal(s).

Valid values: any Amazon SNS action name.

apLabel :: Lens' AddPermission Text Source

A unique identifier for the new policy statement.

apTopicArn :: Lens' AddPermission Text Source

The ARN of the topic whose access control policy you wish to modify.


Response constructor