amazonka-sns-0.2.1: Amazon Simple Notification Service SDK.

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Lists the endpoints and endpoint attributes for devices in a supported push notification service, such as GCM and APNS. The results for ListEndpointsByPlatformApplication are paginated and return a limited list of endpoints, up to 100. If additional records are available after the first page results, then a NextToken string will be returned. To receive the next page, you call ListEndpointsByPlatformApplication again using the NextToken string received from the previous call. When there are no more records to return, NextToken will be null. For more information, see Using Amazon SNS Mobile Push Notifications.



Request constructor

Request lenses

lebpaNextToken :: Lens' ListEndpointsByPlatformApplication (Maybe Text) Source

NextToken string is used when calling ListEndpointsByPlatformApplication action to retrieve additional records that are available after the first page results.

lebpaPlatformApplicationArn :: Lens' ListEndpointsByPlatformApplication Text Source

PlatformApplicationArn for ListEndpointsByPlatformApplicationInput action.


Response constructor

Response lenses

lebparEndpoints :: Lens' ListEndpointsByPlatformApplicationResponse [Endpoint] Source

Endpoints returned for ListEndpointsByPlatformApplication action.

lebparNextToken :: Lens' ListEndpointsByPlatformApplicationResponse (Maybe Text) Source

NextToken string is returned when calling ListEndpointsByPlatformApplication action if additional records are available after the first page results.