amazonka-ssm-0.3.4: Amazon Simple Systems Management Service SDK.

Safe HaskellNone




Describes one or more of your configuration documents.



Request constructor

Request lenses

ldDocumentFilterList :: Lens' ListDocuments (NonEmpty DocumentFilter) Source

One or more filters. Use a filter to return a more specific list of results.

ldMaxResults :: Lens' ListDocuments (Maybe Natural) Source

The maximum number of items to return for this call. The call also returns a token that you can specify in a subsequent call to get the next set of results.

ldNextToken :: Lens' ListDocuments (Maybe Text) Source

The token for the next set of items to return. (You received this token from a previous call.)


Response constructor

Response lenses

ldrDocumentIdentifiers :: Lens' ListDocumentsResponse [DocumentIdentifier] Source

The names of the configuration documents.

ldrNextToken :: Lens' ListDocumentsResponse (Maybe Text) Source

The token to use when requesting the next set of items. If there are no additional items to return, the string is empty.