amazonka-support-0.2.1: Amazon Support SDK.

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Adds additional customer communication to an AWS Support case. You use the CaseId value to identify the case to add communication to. You can list a set of email addresses to copy on the communication using the CcEmailAddresses value. The CommunicationBody value contains the text of the communication.

The response indicates the success or failure of the request.

This operation implements a subset of the features of the AWS Support Center.



Request constructor

Request lenses

actcAttachmentSetId :: Lens' AddCommunicationToCase (Maybe Text) Source

The ID of a set of one or more attachments for the communication to add to the case. Create the set by calling AddAttachmentsToSet

actcCaseId :: Lens' AddCommunicationToCase (Maybe Text) Source

The AWS Support case ID requested or returned in the call. The case ID is an alphanumeric string formatted as shown in this example: case-12345678910-2013-c4c1d2bf33c5cf47

actcCcEmailAddresses :: Lens' AddCommunicationToCase [Text] Source

The email addresses in the CC line of an email to be added to the support case.

actcCommunicationBody :: Lens' AddCommunicationToCase Text Source

The body of an email communication to add to the support case.


Response constructor

addCommunicationToCaseResponse :: AddCommunicationToCaseResponse Source

AddCommunicationToCaseResponse constructor.

The fields accessible through corresponding lenses are:

Response lenses

actcrResult :: Lens' AddCommunicationToCaseResponse (Maybe Bool) Source

True if AddCommunicationToCase succeeds. Otherwise, returns an error.