aws-0.12.1: Amazon Web Services (AWS) for Haskell

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data ListTables Source

TODO: currently this does not support restarting a cutoff query because of size.



Data passed in the commands

data KeySchema Source

The key schema can either be a hash of a single attribute name or a hash attribute name and a range attribute name.

data Projection Source

This determines which attributes are projected into a secondary index.

data LocalSecondaryIndex Source

Describes a single local secondary index. The KeySchema MUST share the same hash key attribute as the parent table, only the range key can differ.

data ProvisionedThroughput Source

The target provisioned throughput you are requesting for the table or global secondary index.

data GlobalSecondaryIndexUpdate Source

This is used to request a change in the provisioned throughput of a global secondary index as part of an UpdateTable operation.