Changelog for aws-0.17

0.17 series

0.16 series

NOTES: 0.16 brings technically breaking changes, which should not affect most users. I recommend using smart constructors and {} matching syntax whenever possible when interacting with aws types.

0.15 series

NOTES: 0.15 brings technically breaking changes, but should not affect most users.

0.14 series

NOTES: 0.14 brings potentially breaking changes

0.13 series

NOTE: 0.13 brings breaking changes compared to 0.12.1!

0.12 series

0.11 series

0.10 series

0.9 series

0.8 series

0.7 series

0.6 series

0.5 series


: New configuration system: configuration split into general and service-specific parts.

Significantly improved API reference documentation.

Re-organised modules to make library easier to understand.

Smaller improvements.

0.4 series

0.4.1 : Documentation improvements. : Change dependency bounds to allow the transformers 0.3 package.

0.4.0 : Update conduit to 0.4.0, which is incompatible with earlier versions.

0.3 series

0.3.2 : Add awsRef / simpleAwsRef request variants for those who prefer an IORef over a Data.Attempt.Attempt value. Also improve README and add simple example.