b9-0.2.0: A build tool for virtual machines.

Safe HaskellNone



Data types that describe all B9 relevant elements of virtual machine disk images.



type Mounted a = (a, MountPoint) Source

imageFileExtension :: ImageType -> String Source

Return the file name extension of an image file with a specific image format.

data SharedImage Source

SharedImage holds all data necessary to identify an image shared.


Eq SharedImage 
Ord SharedImage

Shared images are orderd by name, build date and build id

Read SharedImage 
Show SharedImage 

siName :: SharedImage -> String Source

Return the name of a shared image.

sharedImageImage :: SharedImage -> Image Source

Return the disk image of an sharedImage

sharedImageFileName :: SharedImage -> FilePath Source

Calculate the path to the text file holding the serialized SharedImage relative to the directory of shared images in a repository.