Changelog for bencoding-

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2013-12-19 Sam Truzjan

* Add lookAhead and match functions.

2013-12-16 Sam Truzjan

* Override default Monad(fail) method so it is possible
to catch Get monad failures from pure code.

2013-12-14 Sam Truzjan

* Override default fixity for operators: previously it
has been impossible to mix bencode Get operators ((<$>!), (<$>?),
(<*>!), (<*>?)) with applicative operators ((<$>), (<*>)).

2013-12-08 Sam Truzjan

* Expose parser and builder so it is possible to use
parser incrementally.

2013-10-01 Sam Truzjan

* Minor fixes.

2013-10-01 Sam Truzjan

* Nothing changed.

2013-10-01 Sam Truzjan

* Faster dictionary conversion.

2013-09-28 Sam Truzjan

* Rename BEncode to BValue and BEncodable to BEncode.

2013-09-28 Sam Truzjan

* Arbitrary length integers. (by specification)

2013-08-26 Sam Truzjan

* Added default decoders/encoders using GHC Generics.

2013-06-09 Sam Truzjan

* Initial version.