Changelog for bindings-DSL-1.0.24

Changes in 1.0.19 * Add a change log. * Support unsafe calls with experimental #ccall_unsafe. Changes in 1.0.18 (This version has a bug. Marked as such in Hackage) * Introduce a silly bug to solve a problem that does not exist. Changes in 1.0.17 * Add Bindings.Utilities module for general utilities. * Change repository to git. * Don't underestimate size of field arrays with dimension >= 2. * Change #callback to #callback_t. * Keep source of bindings-* libraries with bindings-DSL. * Add examples used in tutorial. Changes in 1.0.16 * Use correct value for Storable alignment instead of copying sizeOf. Changes in 1.0.15 * New hsc2hs template doesn't include some headers, so include it ourselves. Changes in 1.0.14 * Add functions to get pointers to fields from pointers to structures.