bishbosh- Plays chess.

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Dr. Alistair Ward
The abscissae of those Rooks, for the player of each logicalColour, which can still participate in castling.




type TurnsByLogicalColour x y = TurnsByLogicalColour (Turn x y) Source #

Narrow the type, so the turn can be queried.


data CastleableRooksByLogicalColour x Source #

For the players of each logical colour, identifies the abscissae of those Rooks which can still participate in castling (when other constraints are removed).


Eq x => Hashable1D CastleableRooksByLogicalColour x Source #

Get the list of random numbers required to represent the current castling potential.


listRandoms1D :: CastleableRooksByLogicalColour x -> Zobrist x y positionHash -> [positionHash] Source #

Eq x => Eq (CastleableRooksByLogicalColour x) Source # 
Ord x => Ord (CastleableRooksByLogicalColour x) Source # 
(Enum x, Ord x, Read x, Show x) => Read (CastleableRooksByLogicalColour x) Source # 
Show x => Show (CastleableRooksByLogicalColour x) Source # 
NFData x => NFData (CastleableRooksByLogicalColour x) Source # 
Enum x => Default (CastleableRooksByLogicalColour x) Source # 
(Enum x, Eq x) => ShowsFEN (CastleableRooksByLogicalColour x) Source # 
(Enum x, Ord x, Show x) => ReadsFEN (CastleableRooksByLogicalColour x) Source # 
ReflectableOnX (CastleableRooksByLogicalColour x) Source # 


locateForLogicalColour :: LogicalColour -> CastleableRooksByLogicalColour x -> Maybe [x] Source #

Find the abscissae of all Rooks of the specified logical colour, which can still participate in castling.


fromAssocs :: (Enum x, Ord x, Show x) => [(LogicalColour, [x])] -> CastleableRooksByLogicalColour x Source #

Smart constructor.

fromBoard :: (Enum x, Enum y, Ord x, Ord y, Show x) => Board x y -> CastleableRooksByLogicalColour x Source #

  • Smart constructor.
  • CAVEAT: doesn't know the move-history, so the wrong answer is possible.

listIncrementalRandoms Source #


:: Ix x 
=> CastleableRooksByLogicalColour x

The old value.

-> CastleableRooksByLogicalColour x

The new value.

-> Zobrist x y random 
-> [random] 

Generate the additional random-numbers required to correct the hash resulting from a change to the castleable Rooks.


unify :: Transformation x Source #

Relinquish the ability to disambiguate between "have Castled" (& therefore can't subsequently), & "Have lost the option to castle".

takeTurn Source #


:: (Enum x, Enum y, Ord x, Ord y) 
=> LogicalColour

Defines the side who took the specified turn.

-> Turn x y 
-> Transformation x 

Update with the latest turn.


canCastleWith Source #


:: (Enum x, Enum y, Ord x, Ord y) 
=> LogicalColour 
-> Coordinates x y

Rook's coordinates.

-> CastleableRooksByLogicalColour x 
-> Bool 


cantConverge :: CastleableRooksByLogicalColour x -> CastleableRooksByLogicalColour x -> Bool Source #

  • Determines whether two positions can't converge on each other.
  • N.B.: in this function, the two positions are considered to be peers; nothing is assumed regarding which must do the convergence, perhaps both.
  • From the initial board, one may converge onto any other position, but any of a set of irreversible changes may compromise this; the total number of pieces & specifically Pawns, of each logical colour, can't increase; Pawns can only advance; the difference in the ranks of all pieces of each logical colour, which can only be reduced through promotion of a Pawn; castling can't be undone. This function only assesses this final change.
  • CAVEAT: since the potential of one position to converge on another, depends on a wider set of criteria, this function can only be definitive regarding when convergence is impossible, rather than when is possible.
  • CAVEAT: this function depends on one side having lost the right to castle, when the other side already has; this is quite rare.