bitcoin-api-0.12.1: Provides access to the RPC API of Bitcoin Core

Safe HaskellNone



data BitcoinInfo Source




_bitcoinVersion :: Integer

What version of bitcoind are we running?

_protocolVersion :: Integer

What is bitcoind's current protocol number?

_walletVersion :: Integer

What version is the wallet?

_balance :: Integer

How much money is currently in the wallet?

_numBlocks :: Integer

The number of blocks in our chain.

_numConnections :: Integer

How many peers are we connected to?

_proxy :: Text

A blank string if we're not using a proxy.

_generationDifficulty :: Double

The difficulty multiplier for bitcoin mining operations.

_onTestNetwork :: Bool

Are we on the test network (as opposed to the primary bitcoin network)?

_keyPoolOldest :: Integer

The timestamp of the oldest key in the key pool.

_keyPoolSize :: Integer

The size of the key pool.

_transactionFeePaid :: Integer

How much do we currently pay as a transaction fee?

_unlockedUntil :: Maybe Integer

If the wallet is unlocked, the number of seconds until a re-lock is needed.

_bitcoindErrors :: Text

Any alerts will show up here. This should normally be an empty string.