bitcoin-payment-channel- Instant, two-party Bitcoin payments

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fromPaymentData :: HasConfDustLimit m => BtcAmount -> PaymentData -> m (Either ParseError (Payment BtcSig)) Source #

data PaymentData :: * #

A payment comprises a signature over a Bitcoin transaction with a decremented client change value. The Bitcoin transaction redeems the outpoint specified by 'funding_txid' and 'funding_vout' (a P2SH output governed by 'redeem_script'), and pays 'change_value' to 'change_address'.




  • paymentDataRedeemScript :: JsonHex BtcScript

    The funds sent to the funding address are bound by this contract (Bitcoin script). The data is needed to construct the payment signature. Hex-encoded data.

  • paymentDataFundingTxid :: BtcTxId

    The transaction ID of the Bitcoin transaction paying to the channel funding address.

  • paymentDataFundingVout :: Vout

    The output index/"vout" of the output (in the transaction) payingto the channel funding address.

  • paymentDataSignatureData :: JsonHex Signature

    DER-encoded ECDSA signature (in hex). This is a SIGHASH_SINGLE|ANYONECANPAY signature over the the "payment transaction", which is a Bitcoin transaction that: redeems the outpoint specified by funding_txid and funding_vout using the redeem script defined in redeem_script, with an output which sends change_value to change_address.

  • paymentDataChangeValue :: Word64

    The value sent back to the client in the payment transaction. The total amount transferred to the server is this amount subtracted from the value sent to the channel funding address.

  • paymentDataChangeAddress :: Address

    The client change address as used in the only output of the payment transaction.

  • paymentDataSighashFlag :: JsonHex SigHash

    Specifies which parts of the payment Bitcoin transaction are signed. Hex-encoded, single byte; in both v1 and v2 always equal to "83" (0x83), which is **SIGHASH_SINGLE|ANYONECANPAY**, meaning the client only signs its own output, and also allowing more to be added.


Eq PaymentData 
Show PaymentData 
Generic PaymentData 

Associated Types

type Rep PaymentData :: * -> * #

ToJSON PaymentData 
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type Rep PaymentData 

data ParseError Source #