Changelog for blaze-builder-

* - Support GHC 9.2 * - Bump cabal file to Cabal >= 1.10 * - Make semigroup instances unconditional - Support bytestring-0.11 - Support semigroups-0.19 * - Gain compatibility with the Semigroup/Monoid proposal - Add Word8 HTML escaping builders - Speed up `fromHtmlEscapedText` and `fromHtmlEscapedLazyText` * - Fixed warnings on GHC 7.10, courtesy of Mikhail Glushenkov. * - Tightened the version constraints on the bytestring package for GHC 7.8 * - This is now a compatibility shim for the new bytestring builder. Most of the old internal modules are gone. See this blog post for more information: <> - The 'Blaze.ByteString.Builder.Html.Utf8.fromHtmlEscaped*' functions now strip out any ASCII control characters present in their inputs. See <> for more information. * - exposed the 'Buffer' constructor to enable keeping around a pool of buffers. * - added 'writeToByteString' to construct a strict bytestring in a single step. We can actually view 'Write's as strict-bytestring builders. * - Changed imports of Foreign.Unsafe to make it GHC 7.8 compatible - -Wall clean on GHC 7.0 - 7.6 * - Widened dependencies on text and bytestring * - Fix build warning in Blaze.ByteString.Builder.Word (contributed by Greg Weber) * - Remove comparison to the 'text' library encoding functions of 'Blaze.Builder.Char.Utf8.fromText' and 'Blaze.Builder.Char.Utf8.fromLazyText'. Bryan O'Sullivan reported that on his 64-bit system with GHC 7.0.3 the 'text' library is 5x faster than the 'blaze-builder' library. * - Renamings in internal modules: WriteIO -> Poke and associated functions. * - Fixed bug: appending to 'chunkedTransferEncoding somebuilder' also encoded the appended builder, which is obviously wrong. * - Fixed bug: 'chunkedTransferTerminator' is now correctly set to "0\r\n\r\n". * - Add 'MonoPatBinds' language extension to all relevant files to solve the issues caused by GHC bug * - Reexport 'Write' datatype and 'fromWriteList', 'fromWriteSingleton', 'fromWrite' functions together with writes and builders for storables. - Add 'MonoPatBinds' language extension to (hopefully) solve the issues caused by GHC bug * Incorporated several design changes: - Writable buffer range is now represented in a packed form. This improves speed slightly, as less currying is used. - Writes are abstracted such that their internal representation can be exchanged without breaking other library code. - Writes are represented in a form that allows for efficient monoid instances for branching code like UTF-8 encoding. For single character encoding this results currently in a slight slowdown due to GHC not recognizing the strictness of the returned value. This will be fixed in the future. - BuildSteps support returning a result in `Done`, which enables to implement a `Put` monad using CPS. - chunked list writes were removed, as they result in worse performance when writing non-trivial lists. (cf. benchmarks) - An internal buffering abstraction is introduced, which is used both by the adaption of the `binary` package, as well as by the `blaze-builder-enumeratee` package, to execute puts and builders. It will be used later also by the execution functions of the `blaze-builder` package. Implemented new functionality - `Blaze.ByteString.Builder.HTTP` provides a builder transformer for doing in-buffer chunked HTTP encoding of an arbitary other builder. - `Blaze.ByteString.Builder.Char8` provides functions to serialize the lower 8-bits of characters similiar to what `Data.ByteString.Char8` provides for bytestrings. * Loosen 'text' dependency to '>= 0.10 && < 0.12' * Fixed bug: use &#39; instead of &apos; for HTML escaping ' * Added a missing benchmark file. * blaze-builder- Heavily restructured 'blaze-builder' such that 'Blaze.ByteString.Builder' serves as a drop-in replacement of 'binary:Data.Binary.Builder' which it improves upon with respect to both speed as well as expressivity. See the documentation and the benchmarks for details on improvements and new functionality. Changed module structure: Blaze.ByteString.Builder.Core -> Blaze.ByteString.Builder Blaze.ByteString.Builder.Utf8 -> Blaze.ByteString.Builder.Char.Utf8 Blaze.ByteString.Builder.Html -> Blaze.ByteString.Builder.Html.Utf8 Changed function names: writeByte -> writeWord8 fromByte -> fromWord8 fromWriteList -> fromWrite1List Possibly performance sensitive implementation changes: - 'fromByteString' and 'fromLazyByteString' check now if a direct insertion of the bytestring(s) would be cheaper than copying it. See their documentation on how to recover the old behaviour. Deprecated functions: 'empty' : use 'mempty' instead 'singleton': use 'fromWord8' instead 'append' : use 'mappend' instead * blaze-builder-0.1 This is the first version of 'blaze-builder'. It is explicitely targeted at fast generation of UTF-8 encoded HTML documents in the 'blaze-html' and the 'hamlet' HTML templating libraries.