braid- Types and functions to work with braids and Khovanov homology.

CopyrightAdam Saltz
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Longer description to come.



data Generator Source

A Generator is a Set of Components labled with Signs. Strictly speaking, we could make do without components, as components = Data.Set.fromList . Data.Map.keys $ signs. kgrade depends totally on signs, so it should be taken out too.

data Sign Source

These stand for v_+ and v_- in Khovanov homology. We could include some more algebra here, but | for now I don't see a reason to.



newtype AlgGen Source

Stands for sums of generators modulo 2. wrapGen wraps a single generator. | Should be a type synonym instead? | This is something like an implementation of mod 2 vector spaces. Could this be done better with vector-spaces or linear?


AlgGen (Set Generator) 

type Morphisms = Map AlgGen (Set AlgGen) Source

Morphisms is a map from (a linear combination of) Generators to a set of (linear combinations of) Generators.

addMod2 :: (Eq a, Ord a) => a -> Set a -> Set a Source

The next three functions implement mod 2 addition at the level of Sets and Maps.

addMod2Set :: (Eq a, Ord a) => Set a -> Set a -> Set a Source

addMod2Map :: (Ord a, Ord k) => Map k (Set a) -> Map k (Set a) -> Map k (Set a) Source

addToKey :: (Ord k, Monoid k, Monoid a) => k -> k -> Map k a -> Map k a Source

Adds a x to the key key (but only if key is a key of mors).

fromTo :: Set AlgGen -> Set AlgGen -> [(AlgGen, Set AlgGen)] Source

Generates all arrows from elements of s to elements of s' with the latter wrapped as singleton Sets. This is purely algebraic -- the function doesn't check if their ought to be any such arrows.