brick-0.36.1: A declarative terminal user interface library

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This module provides styles for borders as used in terminal applications. Your mileage may vary on some of the fancier styles due to varying support for some border characters in the fonts your users may be using. Because of this, we provide the ascii style in addition to the Unicode styles. The unicode style is also a safe bet.

To use these in your widgets, see withBorderStyle. By default, widgets rendered without a specified border style use unicode via the Default instance provided by BorderStyle.



data BorderStyle Source #

A border style for use in any widget that needs to render borders in a consistent style.




borderStyleFromChar :: Char -> BorderStyle Source #

Make a border style using the specified character everywhere.

ascii :: BorderStyle Source #

An ASCII border style which will work in any terminal.

unicode :: BorderStyle Source #

A unicode border style with real corner and intersection characters.

unicodeBold :: BorderStyle Source #

A unicode border style in a bold typeface.

unicodeRounded :: BorderStyle Source #

A unicode border style with rounded corners.