butcher- Chops a command or program invocation into digestable pieces.

Safe HaskellNone



Some CmdParser actions that add predefined commands.



addHelpCommand :: Applicative f => CommandDesc () -> CmdParser f (IO ()) () Source #

Adds a proper full help command. To obtain the CommandDesc value, see cmdRunParserWithHelpDesc or mainFromCmdParserWithHelpDesc.

addHelpCommandShallow :: Applicative f => CmdParser f (IO ()) () Source #

Adds a help command that prints help for the command currently in context.

This version does _not_ include further childcommands, i.e. "help foo" will not print the help for subcommand "foo".

This also yields slightly different output depending on if it is used before or after adding other subcommands. In general addHelpCommand should be preferred.

addButcherDebugCommand :: Applicative f => CmdParser f (IO ()) () Source #

Prints the raw CommandDesc structure.