byline- Library for creating command-line interfaces (colors, menus, etc.)

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The stylized type and constructors.



data Stylized Source

Stylized text. Construct text with modifiers using string literals and the OverloadedStrings extension and/or the text function.

data Modifier Source

Information about modifications made to stylized text.

text :: Text -> Stylized Source

Helper function to create stylized text. If you enable the OverloadedStrings extension then you can create stylized text directly without using this function.

This function is also helpful for producing stylized text from an existing Text value.

mapStylized :: ((Text, Modifier) -> a) -> Stylized -> [a] Source

Map a function over stylized text. The Modifier type is opaque so this function might not be very useful outside of the Byline internals.

modStylized :: Modifier -> Stylized Source

Constructor to modify stylized text. This function is only useful to internal Byline functions.