chan-split-0.5.0: Concurrent Chans as read/write pairs. Also provides generic Chan pair class.

Safe HaskellNone




Chan pairs

data InChan i Source

The "write side" of a chan pair

data OutChan i Source

The "read side" of a chan pair

Utility functions:

getChanContents :: OutChan a -> IO [a]Source

Return a lazy list representing the contents of the supplied OutChan, much like System.IO.hGetContents.

dupChan :: OutChan a -> IO (OutChan a)Source

Duplicate an OutChan: the duplicate channel contains any unread messages in the original (n.b. this differs from the behavior of dupChan in Chan), and data written to the corresponding InChan will appear in both, i.e. consuming a value from the copy will have no affect on the values in the original OutChan.

(Note that a duplicated channel is not equal to its original. So: fmap (c /=) $ dupChan c returns True for all c.)

Supporting module