chan-split-0.5.0: Concurrent Chans as read/write pairs. Also provides generic Chan pair class.

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Much of the STM chan functionality exists in the SplitTChan and class, which you should see for documentation.

TChan pairs

data InTChan a Source

The input side of an unbounded FIFO channel.

data OutTChan a Source

The output side of an unbounded FIFO channel.


See also the NewSplitTChan class.

newInTChan :: STM (InTChan a)Source

Create a new write end of a TChan. Use dupTChan to get an OutChan that values can be read from.


newSplitTChanIO :: IO (OutTChan a, InTChan a)Source

IO version of newTChan. This is useful for creating top-level TChans using unsafePerformIO, because using atomically inside unsafePerformIO isn't possible.

newInTChanIO :: IO (InTChan a)Source

IO version of newInTChan.

Putting values back

unGetTChan :: OutTChan a -> a -> STM ()Source

Put a data item back onto a channel, where it will be the next item read.


dupTChan :: InTChan a -> STM (OutTChan a)Source

Create a duplicate OutChan from an InChan. The OutChan starts empty but will receive a copy of all subsequent values written.

cloneTChan :: OutTChan a -> STM (OutTChan a)Source

Clone a TChan: similar to dupTChan, but the cloned channel starts with the same content available as the original channel.