churros: Channel/Arrow based streaming computation library.

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The Churro library takes an opinionated approach to streaming by focusing on IO processes and allowing different transport options.

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Dependencies async, base (>=4.10 && <4.15), containers, random, stm, time, unagi-chan [details]
License MIT
Author Lyndon Maydwell
Category Data, Control
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Uploaded by LyndonMaydwell at 2020-10-19T23:16:26Z


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Chan + Arrow = Churro

Simple alternative to Conduit, Pipes, Streaming, Machines, etc.

Use-case is CSP like scenarios where you need a graph of actors.

Signup Example:

New-Users -->  Validate -------?----->  Deploy  -----?--------------> Log
Subscribe    REST Request      |      Run Server     |         Write File
{-> ID}    {ID -> (ID,Email}   |    {Email -> Port}  |  {Port|Receipt ->}
                               |                     |
                               +-------> Warn -------+
                                      Send Email
                                  {Email -> Receipt}

Developed from a history of attempting to use co-routines libraries for setting up complicated asynchronous processes such as collections of MIDI instruments, etc, but being frustrated by not easily being able to conditionally consume and emit events. In these situations I'd fall back on creating a bunch of Chans and piping events manually. Churros just formalises that strategy to help you get it right!

Advantages over other alternatives:


See Hackage for more info!


See ./test/ directory for more extensive examples.

import Control.Churro

main = do
   runWaitChan             $ sourceList [1..10] >>> processDebug "after source" >>> delay 1 {- seconds -} >>> arr succ >>> sinkPrint
   (wait =<<)  $ run @Chan $ sourceIO (\cb -> cb 1 >> print "Doing whatever!" >> cb 5) >>> filterC (> 3) >>> sinkIO print


Cabal test-suite including doctests:

cabal exec cabal test

Or for itterative development:

find {src,test} | entr -- cabal exec -- doctest -isrc -itest test/Churro/Test/Examples.hs