citeproc-hs-0.3.2: A Citation Style Language implementation in Haskell

MaintainerAndrea Rossato <>



This module provides functions for processing the evaluated Output for citation disambiguation.

Describe the disambiguation process.



disambCitations :: Style -> [Reference] -> Citations -> [CitationGroup] -> ([(String, String)], [CitationGroup])Source

Given the Style, the list of references and the citation groups, disambiguate citations according to the style options.

updateOutput :: [CiteData] -> [NameData] -> Output -> OutputSource

Given the list of CiteData with the disambiguated field set update the evaluated citations by setting the contributor list accordingly.

reEvaluate :: Style -> [CiteData] -> [(Cite, Reference)] -> CitationGroup -> CitationGroupSource

Evaluate again a citation group with the EvalState disamb field set to True (for matching the "disambiguate" condition).

hasIfDis :: IfThen -> [Bool]Source

Check if the Style has any conditional for disambiguation. In this case the conditional will be try after all other disambiguation strategies have failed. To be used with the generic query function.

getCitDisambOptions :: Style -> [String]Source

Get the list of disambiguation options set in the Style for citations.

getDuplCiteData :: Bool -> [CitationGroup] -> [[CiteData]]Source

Group citation data (with possible alternative names) of citations which have a duplicate (same collision and same citYear). If the first Bool is False, then we need to retrieve data for year suffix disambiguation.

getCiteData :: Output -> [CiteData]Source

For an evaluated citation get its CiteData. The disambiguated citation and the year fields are empty.

type NamesYear = ([Output], String)Source

The contributors diambiguation data, the list of names and give-names, and the citation year (OYear).

getDuplNamesYear :: Bool -> [CitationGroup] -> [NamesYear]Source

Get the contributors list (OContrib) and the year occurring in more then one citation.

getNamesYear :: Bool -> Output -> [(String, NamesYear)]Source

Get the list of citation keys coupled with their NamesYear in the evaluated Output. If the Bool is False then the function retrieves the names used in citations not occuring for the first time.

disambiguate :: Eq a => [[a]] -> [[a]]Source

Try to disambiguate a list of lists by returning the first non colliding element, if any, of each list:

 disambiguate [[1,2],[1,3],[2]] = [[2],[3],[2]]

same :: Eq a => [a] -> [Bool]Source

For each element a list of Bool: True if the element has a duplicate in the list:

 same [1,2,1] = [True,False,True]

hasDuplicates :: Eq a => [a] -> BoolSource

allTheSame :: Eq a => [a] -> BoolSource