clckwrks-plugin-bugs-0.7.5: bug tracking plugin for clckwrks

Safe HaskellNone




genBugId :: Update BugsState BugIdSource

get the next unused BugsId

putBug :: Bug -> Update BugsState ()Source

store Bugs in the state. Will overwrite an existing entry with the same BugId

data SortOrder a Source


Asc a 
Desc a 


Typeable1 SortOrder 
Eq a => Eq (SortOrder a) 
Data a => Data (SortOrder a) 
Ord a => Ord (SortOrder a) 
Read a => Read (SortOrder a) 
Show a => Show (SortOrder a) 
SafeCopy a0 => SafeCopy (SortOrder a0) 

newMilestone :: Update BugsState MilestoneIdSource

add a new, empty Milestone to the database and return the MilestoneId

setMilestones :: [Milestone] -> Update BugsState ()Source

get the milestones sorted by target date

bugsForMilestones :: [MilestoneId] -> Query BugsState (IxSet Bug)Source

get all the Bugs with one of the target MilestoneIds

milestoneCompletion :: MilestoneId -> Query BugsState (Maybe Rational)Source

return the percentage completion of a MilestoneId

Will return Nothing if no bugs were found for the MilestoneId