clogparse-0.2: Parse IRC logs such as the #haskell logs on




Represents events in an IRC channel. These do not correspond precisely to messages of the IRC protocol. They provide a somewhat higher-level view.



newtype Nick Source

IRC nicks.


Nick Text 

data Event Source

Events in an IRC channel.


Join Nick Text

User joined.

Part Nick Text

User left the channel.

Quit Nick Text

User quit the server.

ReNick Nick Nick

User changed from one to another nick.

Talk Nick Text

User spoke (PRIVMSG).

Notice Nick Text

User spoke (NOTICE).

Act Nick Text

User acted (CTCP ACTION).

Kick Nick Nick Text

User was kicked by user.

Mode Nick Text

User set mode on the channel.

Log Text

Logging started or stopped.

Topic Text

Topic listing or change.

Names Text

Users list.

data EventAt Source

Event with timestamp.


EventAt UTCTime Event

Event with timestamp.

NoParse Text

Unparsable line.

Generic events

data GenericEvent Source

For working with Events generically.

Indicates the "subject" of an event, if any, followed by other text.

The subject of a ReNick event is the old nick.


GenericEvent Constr (Maybe Nick) [Text]