cloud-haskell: The Cloud Haskell Application Platform

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Cloud Haskell is a set of libraries that bring Erlang-style concurrency and distribution to Haskell programs. This project is an implementation of that distributed computing interface, where processes communicate with one another through explicit message passing rather than shared memory.

This package is just a convenient wrapper around the distributed-process-platform, distributed-process and network-transport packages, so they can be installed with a single cabal install cloud-haskell command.

The package also comes with flags to enable different Network.Transport and Cloud Haskell (network topology) backends.

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Dependenciesdistributed-process (>=0.5.0 && <0.6), distributed-process-platform (>=0.1.0 && <0.2), distributed-static (>= && <0.4), network-transport (>= && <0.5), rank1dynamic (>= && <0.3) [details]
AuthorTim Watson
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UploadedFri May 30 21:32:24 UTC 2014 by TimWatson



Enable the network-transport-tcp Network.Transport backend


Enable the simplelocalnet cloud haskell (topology) backend


Enable the p2p cloud haskell (topology) backend


Use -f <flag> to enable a flag, or -f -<flag> to disable that flag. More info


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Cloud Haskell Build Umbrella

This repository contains tools to assist with building and developing Cloud Haskell itself.


Right now, there is a top-level Makefile that you can use to obtain a copy of all the relevant git repositories and a utility makefile that each project pulls in, which provides some common build infrastructure (based on cabal sandboxes).


To install from hackage, simply cabal install cloud-haskell.

To install from sources, first of all, check out this repository from github, then cd into the newly created directory and run make to get a download of all the repositories. To then work with them, cd into a specific repo/directory and use one of the various make targets. Right now, you'll have to look at yourself and figure out the gory details - we hope to improve on that soon!