conduit-1.0.15: Streaming data processing library.

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Various utility functions versions of conduit.



zip :: Monad m => Source m a -> Source m b -> Source m (a, b)Source

Deprecated: Use zipSources instead

Deprecated synonym for zipSources.

Since 0.3.0

zipSources :: Monad m => Source m a -> Source m b -> Source m (a, b)Source

Combines two sources. The new source will stop producing once either source has been exhausted.

Since 1.0.13

zipSinks :: Monad m => Sink i m r -> Sink i m r' -> Sink i m (r, r')Source

Combines two sinks. The new sink will complete when both input sinks have completed.

Any leftovers are discarded.

Since 0.4.1



:: Monad m 
=> Sink i m r 
-> (r -> m ())


-> Conduit i m i 

Turn a Sink into a Conduit in the following way:

  • All input passed to the Sink is yielded downstream.
  • When the Sink finishes processing, the result is passed to the provided to the finalizer function.

Note that the Sink will stop receiving input as soon as the downstream it is connected to shuts down.

An example usage would be to write the result of a Sink to some mutable variable while allowing other processing to continue.

Since 1.0.10