conduit-extra-1.3.4: Batteries included conduit: adapters for common libraries.

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The System.Process.Typed module from typed-process, but with added conduit helpers.


Conduit specific stuff

createSink :: MonadIO m => StreamSpec STInput (ConduitM ByteString o m ()) Source #

Provide input to a process by writing to a conduit.

Since: 1.2.1

createSource :: MonadIO m => StreamSpec STOutput (ConduitM i ByteString m ()) Source #

Read output from a process by read from a conduit.

Since: 1.2.1

Running a process with logging

withLoggedProcess_ :: MonadUnliftIO m => ProcessConfig stdin stdoutIgnored stderrIgnored -> (Process stdin (ConduitM () ByteString m ()) (ConduitM () ByteString m ()) -> m a) -> m a Source #

Run a process, throwing an exception on a failure exit code. This will store all output from stdout and stderr in memory for better error messages. Note that this will require unbounded memory usage, so caveat emptor.

This will ignore any previous settings for the stdout and stderr streams, and instead force them to use createSource.

Since: 1.2.3