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Package contra-tracers-1.0.0
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Time submitted 2022-02-25 00:30:21.549251768 UTC
Compiler ghc-8.10.2
OS linux
Arch x86_64
Dependencies aeson-, base-, contra-tracer-
Flags none

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Resolving dependencies...
Starting     StateVar-1.2.2
Starting     contra-tracer-
Starting     base-orphans-0.8.6
Starting     base-compat-0.12.1
Building     StateVar-1.2.2
Building     contra-tracer-
Building     base-orphans-0.8.6
Building     base-compat-0.12.1
Completed    contra-tracer-
Starting     dlist-1.0
Completed    StateVar-1.2.2
Starting     indexed-traversable-0.1.2
Building     dlist-1.0
Building     indexed-traversable-0.1.2
Completed    base-orphans-0.8.6
Starting     integer-logarithms-
Completed    dlist-1.0
Starting     primitive-
Building     integer-logarithms-
Building     primitive-
Completed    base-compat-0.12.1
Starting     splitmix-
Completed    indexed-traversable-0.1.2
Starting     tagged-
Building     splitmix-
Building     tagged-
Completed    integer-logarithms-
Starting     th-abstraction-
Building     th-abstraction-
Completed    splitmix-
Starting     transformers-compat-0.7.1
Building     transformers-compat-0.7.1
Completed    tagged-
Starting     contravariant-1.5.5
Building     contravariant-1.5.5
Completed    th-abstraction-
Starting     hashable-
Completed    transformers-compat-0.7.1
Starting     random-1.2.1
Completed    contravariant-1.5.5
Starting     distributive-
Building     hashable-
Building     random-1.2.1
Building     distributive-
Completed    distributive-
Starting     comonad-5.0.8
Building     comonad-5.0.8
Completed    hashable-
Starting     unordered-containers-
Building     unordered-containers-
Completed    primitive-
Starting     time-compat-
Building     time-compat-
Completed    comonad-5.0.8
Starting     text-short-0.1.5
Building     text-short-0.1.5
Completed    random-1.2.1
Starting     data-fix-0.3.2
Building     data-fix-0.3.2
Completed    time-compat-
Starting     OneTuple-0.3.1
Building     OneTuple-0.3.1
Completed    text-short-0.1.5
Starting     vector-
Completed    data-fix-0.3.2
Starting     scientific-
Building     vector-
Building     scientific-
Completed    OneTuple-0.3.1
Starting     bifunctors-5.5.11
Building     bifunctors-5.5.11
Completed    unordered-containers-
Starting     uuid-types-1.0.5
Building     uuid-types-1.0.5
Completed    scientific-
Starting     QuickCheck-2.14.2
Building     QuickCheck-2.14.2
Completed    uuid-types-1.0.5
Starting     base-compat-batteries-0.12.1
Building     base-compat-batteries-0.12.1
Completed    bifunctors-5.5.11
Starting     attoparsec-0.14.4
Building     attoparsec-0.14.4
Completed    base-compat-batteries-0.12.1
Starting     semigroupoids-5.3.7
Building     semigroupoids-5.3.7
Completed    attoparsec-0.14.4
Starting     assoc-1.0.2
Building     assoc-1.0.2
Completed    QuickCheck-2.14.2
Completed    assoc-1.0.2
Starting     these-
Building     these-
Completed    semigroupoids-5.3.7
Completed    these-
Starting     strict-
Building     strict-
Completed    strict-
Completed    vector-
Starting     indexed-traversable-instances-0.1.1
Building     indexed-traversable-instances-0.1.1
Completed    indexed-traversable-instances-0.1.1
Starting     witherable-0.4.2
Starting     semialign-
Building     witherable-0.4.2
Building     semialign-
Completed    semialign-
Completed    witherable-0.4.2
Starting     aeson-
Building     aeson-
Completed    aeson-
Starting     contra-tracers-1.0.0
Building     contra-tracers-1.0.0
Failed to install contra-tracers-1.0.0
Build log ( /home/builder/.cabal/logs/ghc-8.10.2/contra-tracers-1.0.0-LMiZwrcy7XE7vifzZYLNNq.log ):
cabal: Entering directory '/tmp/cabal-tmp-10672/contra-tracers-1.0.0'
Configuring contra-tracers-1.0.0...
Preprocessing library for contra-tracers-1.0.0..
Building library for contra-tracers-1.0.0..
[1 of 3] Compiling Data.Severity    ( src/Data/Severity.hs, dist/build/Data/Severity.o, dist/build/Data/Severity.dyn_o )
[2 of 3] Compiling Data.Generics.Tracers ( src/Data/Generics/Tracers.hs, dist/build/Data/Generics/Tracers.o, dist/build/Data/Generics/Tracers.dyn_o )

src/Data/Generics/Tracers.hs:125:17: error:
    " Could not deduce (Monad m) arising from a use of contramap
      from the context: (ToJSON msg, HasSeverityAnnotation msg,
                         Applicative m)
        bound by the instance declaration
        at src/Data/Generics/Tracers.hs:(120,10)-(121,95)
      Possible fix:
        add (Monad m) to the context of
          the type signature for:
            gConfigureTracers :: forall tr.
                                 -> Tracer m SomeMsg
                                 -> K1
                                      (Const (Maybe Severity) (Tracer m msg))
                                      (Const (Maybe Severity) tr)
                                 -> K1 i (Tracer m msg) tr
          or the instance declaration
    " In the first argument of K1, namely
        (contramap (SomeMsg minSeverity field) tr)
      In the expression: K1 (contramap (SomeMsg minSeverity field) tr)
      In a case alternative:
          K1 (Const (Just minSeverity))
            -> K1 (contramap (SomeMsg minSeverity field) tr)
125 |             K1 (contramap (SomeMsg minSeverity field) tr)
    |                 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
cabal: Leaving directory '/tmp/cabal-tmp-10672/contra-tracers-1.0.0'
cabal: Error: some packages failed to install:
contra-tracers-1.0.0-LMiZwrcy7XE7vifzZYLNNq failed during the building phase.
The exception was:
ExitFailure 1

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