convertible-1.0.8: Typeclasses and instances for converting between types

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The conversion process

convert :: Convertible a b => a -> bSource

Convert from one type of data to another. Raises an exception if there is an error with the conversion. For a function that does not raise an exception in that case, see safeConvert.

class Convertible a b whereSource

A typeclass that represents something that can be converted. A Convertible a b instance represents an a that can be converted to a b.


safeConvert :: a -> ConvertResult bSource

Convert a to b, returning Right on success and Left on error. For a simpler interface, see convert.


Convertible Char Int 
Convertible Char Int8 
Convertible Char Int16 
Convertible Char Int32 
Convertible Char Int64 
Convertible Char Integer 
Convertible Char Word 
Convertible Char Word8 
Convertible Char Word16 
Convertible Char Word32 
Convertible Char Word64 
Convertible Char CChar 
Convertible Char CSChar 
Convertible Char CUChar 
Convertible Char CShort 
Convertible Char CUShort 
Convertible Char CInt 
Convertible Char CUInt 
Convertible Char CLong 
Convertible Char CULong 
Convertible Char CLLong 
Convertible Char CULLong 
Convertible Char CSize 
Convertible Char CWchar 
Convertible Double Float 
Convertible Double Int 
Convertible Double Int8 
Convertible Double Int16 
Convertible Double Int32 
Convertible Double Int64 
Convertible Double Integer 
Convertible Double Rational 
Convertible Double Word 
Convertible Double Word8 
Convertible Double Word16 
Convertible Double Word32 
Convertible Double Word64 
Convertible Double CFloat 
Convertible Double CDouble 
Convertible Double CTime 
Convertible Double TimeDiff 
Convertible Double POSIXTime 
Convertible Double UTCTime 
Convertible Float Double 
Convertible Float Int 
Convertible Float Int8 
Convertible Float Int16 
Convertible Float Int32 
Convertible Float Int64 
Convertible Float Integer 
Convertible Float Rational 
Convertible Float Word 
Convertible Float Word8 
Convertible Float Word16 
Convertible Float Word32 
Convertible Float Word64 
Convertible Float CFloat 
Convertible Float CDouble 
Convertible Int Char 
Convertible Int Double 
Convertible Int Float 
Convertible Int Int8 
Convertible Int Int16 
Convertible Int Int32 
Convertible Int Int64 
Convertible Int Integer 
Convertible Int Rational 
Convertible Int Word 
Convertible Int Word8 
Convertible Int Word16 
Convertible Int Word32 
Convertible Int Word64 
Convertible Int CChar 
Convertible Int CSChar 
Convertible Int CUChar 
Convertible Int CShort 
Convertible Int CUShort 
Convertible Int CInt 
Convertible Int CUInt 
Convertible Int CLong 
Convertible Int CULong 
Convertible Int CLLong 
Convertible Int CULLong 
Convertible Int CFloat 
Convertible Int CDouble 
Convertible Int CSize 
Convertible Int CWchar 
Convertible Int CTime 
Convertible Int POSIXTime 
Convertible Int UTCTime 
Convertible Int8 Char 
Convertible Int8 Double 
Convertible Int8 Float 
Convertible Int8 Int 
Convertible Int8 Int16 
Convertible Int8 Int32 
Convertible Int8 Int64 
Convertible Int8 Integer 
Convertible Int8 Rational 
Convertible Int8 Word 
Convertible Int8 Word8 
Convertible Int8 Word16 
Convertible Int8 Word32 
Convertible Int8 Word64 
Convertible Int8 CChar 
Convertible Int8 CSChar 
Convertible Int8 CUChar 
Convertible Int8 CShort 
Convertible Int8 CUShort 
Convertible Int8 CInt 
Convertible Int8 CUInt 
Convertible Int8 CLong 
Convertible Int8 CULong 
Convertible Int8 CLLong 
Convertible Int8 CULLong 
Convertible Int8 CFloat 
Convertible Int8 CDouble 
Convertible Int8 CSize 
Convertible Int8 CWchar 
Convertible Int16 Char 
Convertible Int16 Double 
Convertible Int16 Float 
Convertible Int16 Int 
Convertible Int16 Int8 
Convertible Int16 Int32 
Convertible Int16 Int64 
Convertible Int16 Integer 
Convertible Int16 Rational 
Convertible Int16 Word 
Convertible Int16 Word8 
Convertible Int16 Word16 
Convertible Int16 Word32 
Convertible Int16 Word64 
Convertible Int16 CChar 
Convertible Int16 CSChar 
Convertible Int16 CUChar 
Convertible Int16 CShort 
Convertible Int16 CUShort 
Convertible Int16 CInt 
Convertible Int16 CUInt 
Convertible Int16 CLong 
Convertible Int16 CULong 
Convertible Int16 CLLong 
Convertible Int16 CULLong 
Convertible Int16 CFloat 
Convertible Int16 CDouble 
Convertible Int16 CSize 
Convertible Int16 CWchar 
Convertible Int32 Char 
Convertible Int32 Double 
Convertible Int32 Float 
Convertible Int32 Int 
Convertible Int32 Int8 
Convertible Int32 Int16 
Convertible Int32 Int64 
Convertible Int32 Integer 
Convertible Int32 Rational 
Convertible Int32 Word 
Convertible Int32 Word8 
Convertible Int32 Word16 
Convertible Int32 Word32 
Convertible Int32 Word64 
Convertible Int32 CChar 
Convertible Int32 CSChar 
Convertible Int32 CUChar 
Convertible Int32 CShort 
Convertible Int32 CUShort 
Convertible Int32 CInt 
Convertible Int32 CUInt 
Convertible Int32 CLong 
Convertible Int32 CULong 
Convertible Int32 CLLong 
Convertible Int32 CULLong 
Convertible Int32 CFloat 
Convertible Int32 CDouble 
Convertible Int32 CSize 
Convertible Int32 CWchar 
Convertible Int64 Char 
Convertible Int64 Double 
Convertible Int64 Float 
Convertible Int64 Int 
Convertible Int64 Int8 
Convertible Int64 Int16 
Convertible Int64 Int32 
Convertible Int64 Integer 
Convertible Int64 Rational 
Convertible Int64 Word 
Convertible Int64 Word8 
Convertible Int64 Word16 
Convertible Int64 Word32 
Convertible Int64 Word64 
Convertible Int64 CChar 
Convertible Int64 CSChar 
Convertible Int64 CUChar 
Convertible Int64 CShort 
Convertible Int64 CUShort 
Convertible Int64 CInt 
Convertible Int64 CUInt 
Convertible Int64 CLong 
Convertible Int64 CULong 
Convertible Int64 CLLong 
Convertible Int64 CULLong 
Convertible Int64 CFloat 
Convertible Int64 CDouble 
Convertible Int64 CSize 
Convertible Int64 CWchar 
Convertible Integer Char 
Convertible Integer Double 
Convertible Integer Float 
Convertible Integer Int 
Convertible Integer Int8 
Convertible Integer Int16 
Convertible Integer Int32 
Convertible Integer Int64 
Convertible Integer Integer 
Convertible Integer Rational 
Convertible Integer Word 
Convertible Integer Word8 
Convertible Integer Word16 
Convertible Integer Word32 
Convertible Integer Word64 
Convertible Integer CChar 
Convertible Integer CSChar 
Convertible Integer CUChar 
Convertible Integer CShort 
Convertible Integer CUShort 
Convertible Integer CInt 
Convertible Integer CUInt 
Convertible Integer CLong 
Convertible Integer CULong 
Convertible Integer CLLong 
Convertible Integer CULLong 
Convertible Integer CFloat 
Convertible Integer CDouble 
Convertible Integer CSize 
Convertible Integer CWchar 
Convertible Integer CTime 
Convertible Integer ClockTime 
Convertible Integer TimeDiff 
Convertible Integer POSIXTime 
Convertible Integer UTCTime 
Convertible Rational Double 
Convertible Rational Float 
Convertible Rational Int 
Convertible Rational Int8 
Convertible Rational Int16 
Convertible Rational Int32 
Convertible Rational Int64 
Convertible Rational Integer 
Convertible Rational Word 
Convertible Rational Word8 
Convertible Rational Word16 
Convertible Rational Word32 
Convertible Rational Word64 
Convertible Rational CFloat 
Convertible Rational CDouble 
Convertible Rational POSIXTime 
Convertible Rational UTCTime 
Convertible Word Char 
Convertible Word Double 
Convertible Word Float 
Convertible Word Int 
Convertible Word Int8 
Convertible Word Int16 
Convertible Word Int32 
Convertible Word Int64 
Convertible Word Integer 
Convertible Word Rational 
Convertible Word Word8 
Convertible Word Word16 
Convertible Word Word32 
Convertible Word Word64 
Convertible Word CChar 
Convertible Word CSChar 
Convertible Word CUChar 
Convertible Word CShort 
Convertible Word CUShort 
Convertible Word CInt 
Convertible Word CUInt 
Convertible Word CLong 
Convertible Word CULong 
Convertible Word CLLong 
Convertible Word CULLong 
Convertible Word CFloat 
Convertible Word CDouble 
Convertible Word CSize 
Convertible Word CWchar 
Convertible Word8 Char 
Convertible Word8 Double 
Convertible Word8 Float 
Convertible Word8 Int 
Convertible Word8 Int8 
Convertible Word8 Int16 
Convertible Word8 Int32 
Convertible Word8 Int64 
Convertible Word8 Integer 
Convertible Word8 Rational 
Convertible Word8 Word 
Convertible Word8 Word16 
Convertible Word8 Word32 
Convertible Word8 Word64 
Convertible Word8 CChar 
Convertible Word8 CSChar 
Convertible Word8 CUChar 
Convertible Word8 CShort 
Convertible Word8 CUShort 
Convertible Word8 CInt 
Convertible Word8 CUInt 
Convertible Word8 CLong 
Convertible Word8 CULong 
Convertible Word8 CLLong 
Convertible Word8 CULLong 
Convertible Word8 CFloat 
Convertible Word8 CDouble 
Convertible Word8 CSize 
Convertible Word8 CWchar 
Convertible Word16 Char 
Convertible Word16 Double 
Convertible Word16 Float 
Convertible Word16 Int 
Convertible Word16 Int8 
Convertible Word16 Int16 
Convertible Word16 Int32 
Convertible Word16 Int64 
Convertible Word16 Integer 
Convertible Word16 Rational 
Convertible Word16 Word 
Convertible Word16 Word8 
Convertible Word16 Word32 
Convertible Word16 Word64 
Convertible Word16 CChar 
Convertible Word16 CSChar 
Convertible Word16 CUChar 
Convertible Word16 CShort 
Convertible Word16 CUShort 
Convertible Word16 CInt 
Convertible Word16 CUInt 
Convertible Word16 CLong 
Convertible Word16 CULong 
Convertible Word16 CLLong 
Convertible Word16 CULLong 
Convertible Word16 CFloat 
Convertible Word16 CDouble 
Convertible Word16 CSize 
Convertible Word16 CWchar 
Convertible Word32 Char 
Convertible Word32 Double 
Convertible Word32 Float 
Convertible Word32 Int 
Convertible Word32 Int8 
Convertible Word32 Int16 
Convertible Word32 Int32 
Convertible Word32 Int64 
Convertible Word32 Integer 
Convertible Word32 Rational 
Convertible Word32 Word 
Convertible Word32 Word8 
Convertible Word32 Word16 
Convertible Word32 Word64 
Convertible Word32 CChar 
Convertible Word32 CSChar 
Convertible Word32 CUChar 
Convertible Word32 CShort 
Convertible Word32 CUShort 
Convertible Word32 CInt 
Convertible Word32 CUInt 
Convertible Word32 CLong 
Convertible Word32 CULong 
Convertible Word32 CLLong 
Convertible Word32 CULLong 
Convertible Word32 CFloat 
Convertible Word32 CDouble 
Convertible Word32 CSize 
Convertible Word32 CWchar 
Convertible Word64 Char 
Convertible Word64 Double 
Convertible Word64 Float 
Convertible Word64 Int 
Convertible Word64 Int8 
Convertible Word64 Int16 
Convertible Word64 Int32 
Convertible Word64 Int64 
Convertible Word64 Integer 
Convertible Word64 Rational 
Convertible Word64 Word 
Convertible Word64 Word8 
Convertible Word64 Word16 
Convertible Word64 Word32 
Convertible Word64 CChar 
Convertible Word64 CSChar 
Convertible Word64 CUChar 
Convertible Word64 CShort 
Convertible Word64 CUShort 
Convertible Word64 CInt 
Convertible Word64 CUInt 
Convertible Word64 CLong 
Convertible Word64 CULong 
Convertible Word64 CLLong 
Convertible Word64 CULLong 
Convertible Word64 CFloat 
Convertible Word64 CDouble 
Convertible Word64 CSize 
Convertible Word64 CWchar 
Convertible CChar Char 
Convertible CChar Int 
Convertible CChar Int8 
Convertible CChar Int16 
Convertible CChar Int32 
Convertible CChar Int64 
Convertible CChar Integer 
Convertible CChar Word 
Convertible CChar Word8 
Convertible CChar Word16 
Convertible CChar Word32 
Convertible CChar Word64 
Convertible CChar CSChar 
Convertible CChar CUChar 
Convertible CChar CShort 
Convertible CChar CUShort 
Convertible CChar CInt 
Convertible CChar CUInt 
Convertible CChar CLong 
Convertible CChar CULong 
Convertible CChar CLLong 
Convertible CChar CULLong 
Convertible CChar CSize 
Convertible CChar CWchar 
Convertible CSChar Char 
Convertible CSChar Int 
Convertible CSChar Int8 
Convertible CSChar Int16 
Convertible CSChar Int32 
Convertible CSChar Int64 
Convertible CSChar Integer 
Convertible CSChar Word 
Convertible CSChar Word8 
Convertible CSChar Word16 
Convertible CSChar Word32 
Convertible CSChar Word64 
Convertible CSChar CChar 
Convertible CSChar CUChar 
Convertible CSChar CShort 
Convertible CSChar CUShort 
Convertible CSChar CInt 
Convertible CSChar CUInt 
Convertible CSChar CLong 
Convertible CSChar CULong 
Convertible CSChar CLLong 
Convertible CSChar CULLong 
Convertible CSChar CSize 
Convertible CSChar CWchar 
Convertible CUChar Char 
Convertible CUChar Int 
Convertible CUChar Int8 
Convertible CUChar Int16 
Convertible CUChar Int32 
Convertible CUChar Int64 
Convertible CUChar Integer 
Convertible CUChar Word 
Convertible CUChar Word8 
Convertible CUChar Word16 
Convertible CUChar Word32 
Convertible CUChar Word64 
Convertible CUChar CChar 
Convertible CUChar CSChar 
Convertible CUChar CShort 
Convertible CUChar CUShort 
Convertible CUChar CInt 
Convertible CUChar CUInt 
Convertible CUChar CLong 
Convertible CUChar CULong 
Convertible CUChar CLLong 
Convertible CUChar CULLong 
Convertible CUChar CSize 
Convertible CUChar CWchar 
Convertible CShort Char 
Convertible CShort Int 
Convertible CShort Int8 
Convertible CShort Int16 
Convertible CShort Int32 
Convertible CShort Int64 
Convertible CShort Integer 
Convertible CShort Word 
Convertible CShort Word8 
Convertible CShort Word16 
Convertible CShort Word32 
Convertible CShort Word64 
Convertible CShort CChar 
Convertible CShort CSChar 
Convertible CShort CUChar 
Convertible CShort CUShort 
Convertible CShort CInt 
Convertible CShort CUInt 
Convertible CShort CLong 
Convertible CShort CULong 
Convertible CShort CLLong 
Convertible CShort CULLong 
Convertible CShort CSize 
Convertible CShort CWchar 
Convertible CUShort Char 
Convertible CUShort Int 
Convertible CUShort Int8 
Convertible CUShort Int16 
Convertible CUShort Int32 
Convertible CUShort Int64 
Convertible CUShort Integer 
Convertible CUShort Word 
Convertible CUShort Word8 
Convertible CUShort Word16 
Convertible CUShort Word32 
Convertible CUShort Word64 
Convertible CUShort CChar 
Convertible CUShort CSChar 
Convertible CUShort CUChar 
Convertible CUShort CShort 
Convertible CUShort CInt 
Convertible CUShort CUInt 
Convertible CUShort CLong 
Convertible CUShort CULong 
Convertible CUShort CLLong 
Convertible CUShort CULLong 
Convertible CUShort CSize 
Convertible CUShort CWchar 
Convertible CInt Char 
Convertible CInt Int 
Convertible CInt Int8 
Convertible CInt Int16 
Convertible CInt Int32 
Convertible CInt Int64 
Convertible CInt Integer 
Convertible CInt Word 
Convertible CInt Word8 
Convertible CInt Word16 
Convertible CInt Word32 
Convertible CInt Word64 
Convertible CInt CChar 
Convertible CInt CSChar 
Convertible CInt CUChar 
Convertible CInt CShort 
Convertible CInt CUShort 
Convertible CInt CUInt 
Convertible CInt CLong 
Convertible CInt CULong 
Convertible CInt CLLong 
Convertible CInt CULLong 
Convertible CInt CSize 
Convertible CInt CWchar 
Convertible CUInt Char 
Convertible CUInt Int 
Convertible CUInt Int8 
Convertible CUInt Int16 
Convertible CUInt Int32 
Convertible CUInt Int64 
Convertible CUInt Integer 
Convertible CUInt Word 
Convertible CUInt Word8 
Convertible CUInt Word16 
Convertible CUInt Word32 
Convertible CUInt Word64 
Convertible CUInt CChar 
Convertible CUInt CSChar 
Convertible CUInt CUChar 
Convertible CUInt CShort 
Convertible CUInt CUShort 
Convertible CUInt CInt 
Convertible CUInt CLong 
Convertible CUInt CULong 
Convertible CUInt CLLong 
Convertible CUInt CULLong 
Convertible CUInt CSize 
Convertible CUInt CWchar 
Convertible CLong Char 
Convertible CLong Int 
Convertible CLong Int8 
Convertible CLong Int16 
Convertible CLong Int32 
Convertible CLong Int64 
Convertible CLong Integer 
Convertible CLong Word 
Convertible CLong Word8 
Convertible CLong Word16 
Convertible CLong Word32 
Convertible CLong Word64 
Convertible CLong CChar 
Convertible CLong CSChar 
Convertible CLong CUChar 
Convertible CLong CShort 
Convertible CLong CUShort 
Convertible CLong CInt 
Convertible CLong CUInt 
Convertible CLong CULong 
Convertible CLong CLLong 
Convertible CLong CULLong 
Convertible CLong CSize 
Convertible CLong CWchar 
Convertible CULong Char 
Convertible CULong Int 
Convertible CULong Int8 
Convertible CULong Int16 
Convertible CULong Int32 
Convertible CULong Int64 
Convertible CULong Integer 
Convertible CULong Word 
Convertible CULong Word8 
Convertible CULong Word16 
Convertible CULong Word32 
Convertible CULong Word64 
Convertible CULong CChar 
Convertible CULong CSChar 
Convertible CULong CUChar 
Convertible CULong CShort 
Convertible CULong CUShort 
Convertible CULong CInt 
Convertible CULong CUInt 
Convertible CULong CLong 
Convertible CULong CLLong 
Convertible CULong CULLong 
Convertible CULong CSize 
Convertible CULong CWchar 
Convertible CLLong Char 
Convertible CLLong Int 
Convertible CLLong Int8 
Convertible CLLong Int16 
Convertible CLLong Int32 
Convertible CLLong Int64 
Convertible CLLong Integer 
Convertible CLLong Word 
Convertible CLLong Word8 
Convertible CLLong Word16 
Convertible CLLong Word32 
Convertible CLLong Word64 
Convertible CLLong CChar 
Convertible CLLong CSChar 
Convertible CLLong CUChar 
Convertible CLLong CShort 
Convertible CLLong CUShort 
Convertible CLLong CInt 
Convertible CLLong CUInt 
Convertible CLLong CLong 
Convertible CLLong CULong 
Convertible CLLong CULLong 
Convertible CLLong CSize 
Convertible CLLong CWchar 
Convertible CULLong Char 
Convertible CULLong Int 
Convertible CULLong Int8 
Convertible CULLong Int16 
Convertible CULLong Int32 
Convertible CULLong Int64 
Convertible CULLong Integer 
Convertible CULLong Word 
Convertible CULLong Word8 
Convertible CULLong Word16 
Convertible CULLong Word32 
Convertible CULLong Word64 
Convertible CULLong CChar 
Convertible CULLong CSChar 
Convertible CULLong CUChar 
Convertible CULLong CShort 
Convertible CULLong CUShort 
Convertible CULLong CInt 
Convertible CULLong CUInt 
Convertible CULLong CLong 
Convertible CULLong CULong 
Convertible CULLong CLLong 
Convertible CULLong CSize 
Convertible CULLong CWchar 
Convertible CFloat Double 
Convertible CFloat Float 
Convertible CFloat Int 
Convertible CFloat Int8 
Convertible CFloat Int16 
Convertible CFloat Int32 
Convertible CFloat Int64 
Convertible CFloat Integer 
Convertible CFloat Rational 
Convertible CFloat Word 
Convertible CFloat Word8 
Convertible CFloat Word16 
Convertible CFloat Word32 
Convertible CFloat Word64 
Convertible CFloat CDouble 
Convertible CDouble Double 
Convertible CDouble Float 
Convertible CDouble Int 
Convertible CDouble Int8 
Convertible CDouble Int16 
Convertible CDouble Int32 
Convertible CDouble Int64 
Convertible CDouble Integer 
Convertible CDouble Rational 
Convertible CDouble Word 
Convertible CDouble Word8 
Convertible CDouble Word16 
Convertible CDouble Word32 
Convertible CDouble Word64 
Convertible CDouble CFloat 
Convertible CSize Char 
Convertible CSize Int 
Convertible CSize Int8 
Convertible CSize Int16 
Convertible CSize Int32 
Convertible CSize Int64 
Convertible CSize Integer 
Convertible CSize Word 
Convertible CSize Word8 
Convertible CSize Word16 
Convertible CSize Word32 
Convertible CSize Word64 
Convertible CSize CChar 
Convertible CSize CSChar 
Convertible CSize CUChar 
Convertible CSize CShort 
Convertible CSize CUShort 
Convertible CSize CInt 
Convertible CSize CUInt 
Convertible CSize CLong 
Convertible CSize CULong 
Convertible CSize CLLong 
Convertible CSize CULLong 
Convertible CSize CWchar 
Convertible CWchar Char 
Convertible CWchar Int 
Convertible CWchar Int8 
Convertible CWchar Int16 
Convertible CWchar Int32 
Convertible CWchar Int64 
Convertible CWchar Integer 
Convertible CWchar Word 
Convertible CWchar Word8 
Convertible CWchar Word16 
Convertible CWchar Word32 
Convertible CWchar Word64 
Convertible CWchar CChar 
Convertible CWchar CSChar 
Convertible CWchar CUChar 
Convertible CWchar CShort 
Convertible CWchar CUShort 
Convertible CWchar CInt 
Convertible CWchar CUInt 
Convertible CWchar CLong 
Convertible CWchar CULong 
Convertible CWchar CLLong 
Convertible CWchar CULLong 
Convertible CWchar CSize 
Convertible CTime Double 
Convertible CTime Int 
Convertible CTime Integer 
Convertible CTime ClockTime 
Convertible CTime CalendarTime 
Convertible CTime ZonedTime 
Convertible CTime POSIXTime 
Convertible CTime UTCTime 
Convertible ClockTime Integer 
Convertible ClockTime CTime 
Convertible ClockTime CalendarTime 
Convertible ClockTime ZonedTime 
Convertible ClockTime POSIXTime 
Convertible ClockTime UTCTime 
Convertible CalendarTime CTime 
Convertible CalendarTime ClockTime 
Convertible CalendarTime ZonedTime 
Convertible CalendarTime POSIXTime 
Convertible CalendarTime UTCTime 
Convertible TimeDiff Double 
Convertible TimeDiff Integer 
Convertible TimeDiff Rational 
Convertible TimeDiff NominalDiffTime 
Convertible ZonedTime CTime 
Convertible ZonedTime ClockTime 
Convertible ZonedTime CalendarTime 
Convertible ZonedTime POSIXTime 
Convertible ZonedTime UTCTime 
Convertible POSIXTime Double 
Convertible POSIXTime Int 
Convertible POSIXTime Integer 
Convertible POSIXTime Rational 
Convertible POSIXTime CTime 
Convertible POSIXTime ClockTime 
Convertible POSIXTime CalendarTime 
Convertible POSIXTime ZonedTime 
Convertible POSIXTime UTCTime 
Convertible UTCTime Double 
Convertible UTCTime Int 
Convertible UTCTime Integer 
Convertible UTCTime Rational 
Convertible UTCTime CTime 
Convertible UTCTime ClockTime 
Convertible UTCTime CalendarTime 
Convertible UTCTime ZonedTime 
Convertible UTCTime POSIXTime 
Convertible NominalDiffTime TimeDiff 
Ord k => Convertible [(k, a)] (Map k a) 
Convertible (Map k a) [(k, a)] 

Handling the results

type ConvertResult a = Either ConvertError aSource

The result of a safe conversion via safeConvert.