core-program- Opinionated Haskell Interoperability
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Common elements from the rest of the Haskell ecosystem. This is mostly about re-exports. There are numerous types and functions that are more or less assumed to be in scope when you're doing much of anything in Haskell; this module is a convenience to pull in the ones we rely on for the rest of this library.

You can just import this directly:

import Core.System

as there's no particular benefit to cherry-picking the various sub-modules.


Base libraries

Re-exports from foundational libraries supplied by the compiler runtime, or from re-implementations of those areas.

External dependencies

Dependencies from libraries outside the traditional ecosystem of Haskell. These are typically special cases or custom re-implementations of things which are maintained either by ourselves or people we are in regular contact with.

Pretty Printing

When using the Render typeclass from Core.Text.Utilities you are presented with the Doc a type for accumulating a "document" to be pretty printed. There are a large family of combinators used when doing this. For convenience they are exposed here.