creatur-5.2.0: Framework for artificial life experiments.

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Utilities for working with genes that are encoded as a sequence of bytes, using a Binary Reflected Gray Code (BRGC).

A Gray code maps values to codes in a way that guarantees that the codes for two consecutive values will differ by only one bit. This feature can be useful in evolutionary programming because the genes resulting from a crossover operation are likely to be similar to the inputs. This helps to ensure that offspring are similar to their parents, as any radical changes from one generation to the next are the result of mutation alone.



class Genetic g whereSource

A class representing anything which is represented in, and determined by, an agent's genome. This might include traits, parameters, organs (components of agents), or even entire agents. Instances of this class can be thought of as genes, i.e., instructions for building an agent.


put :: g -> Writer ()Source

Writes a gene to a sequence.

get :: Reader (Either [String] g)Source

Reads the next gene in a sequence.

getWithDefault :: g -> Reader gSource


copy :: Reader SequenceSource

Return the entire genome.

consumed :: Reader SequenceSource

Return the portion of the genome that has been read.

getAndExpress :: (Genetic g, Diploid g) => DiploidReader (Either [String] g)Source

Read the next pair of genes from twin sequences of genetic information, and return the resulting gene (after taking into account any dominance relationship) and the remaining (unread) portion of the two nucleotide strands.

copy2 :: DiploidReader DiploidSequenceSource

Return the entire genome.

consumed2 :: DiploidReader DiploidSequenceSource

Return the portion of the genome that has been read.

putRawWord8 :: Word8 -> Writer ()Source

Write a Word8 value to the genome without encoding it

getRawWord8 :: Reader (Either [String] Word8)Source

Read a Word8 value from the genome without decoding it

putRawWord8s :: [Word8] -> Writer ()Source

Write a raw sequence of Word8 values to the genome

getRawWord8s :: Int -> Reader (Either [String] [Word8])Source

Read a raw sequence of Word8 values from the genome