Changelog for curl-1.3.8

Version 1.3.8 Add Eq instances for some types. Version 1.3.4: released 2009-01-18; changes from 1.3.3 * Overloaded Network.Curl operations over response representation of payloads and headers. Controlled via CurlBuffer and CurlHeader classes. New actions: - curlGetString_, curlGetResponse_, perform_with_response_, do_curl_, curlHead_ * Provided ByteString instances (strict and lazy) * No modification in calling interface to existing exports, so backwards compatible. * Added Show instance for Network.Curl.Opts.CurlOption * curl_version_string, curl_version_number now gives you access to version info of underlying lib you _compiled_ the package with. * Sync'ed wrt libcurl-7.19.2, so bunch of new options added to Network.Curl.Opts. Use version functions to determine if they are supported though.