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This module provides the deserializer and serializer pipes to convert ByteStrings off of pipes into typed values.

In order to use it, the types of the values need to have Serialize instances. These can be derived automatically using Ghc.Generics:

 {-# LANGUAGE DeriveGeneric #-}

 data Foo = Bar String | Baz Int
            deriving ( Generic )

 instance Serialize Foo

Note that in the above example: we use the DeriveGeneric extension, derive a Generic instance for our data-type, and write an empty Serialize instance.



serializer :: (Serialize a, Monad m) => Pipe a ByteString m ()Source

Serialize data into strict ByteStrings.

deserializer :: (Serialize a, Monad m) => Pipe ByteString a m ()Source

De-serialize data from strict ByteStrings. Uses cereal's incremental Get parser.