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getPatchesInTag :: RepoPatch p => PatchInfo -> PatchSet p -> SealedPatchSet pSource

getPatchesInTag t ps returns a SealedPatchSet of all patches in ps which are contained in t.

merge2FL :: RepoPatch p => FL (PatchInfoAnd p) -> FL (PatchInfoAnd p) -> Sealed (FL (PatchInfoAnd p))Source

Merge two FLs (say L and R), starting in a common context. The result is a FL starting in the original end context of L, going to a new context that is the result of applying all patches from R on top of patches from L.

While this function is similar to mergeFL, there are three important differences to keep in mind:

  • mergeFL does not correctly deal with duplicate patches whereas this one does (Question from Eric Kow: in what sense? Why not fix the mergeFL instance?)
  • mergeFL returns both paths of the merge diamond, but this version only returns one, so you'd better choose the order carefully, eg. (merge2FL l r)
  • The conventional order we use in this function is reversed from mergeFL (so mergeFL r l vs. merge2FL l r. This does not matter so much for the former since you get both paths. (Question from Eric Kow: should we flip merge2FL for more uniformity in the code?)