darcs-beta- a distributed, interactive, smart revision control system




class (Patchy p, Effect p, FromPrims p, Conflict p) => RepoPatch p Source


RepoPatch Patch 
RepoPatchBase p => RepoPatch (FL p) 

data RealPatch Source

Duplicate x: This patch has no effect since x is already present in the repository

Etacilpud x: invert (Duplicate x)

Normal prim: A primitive patch

Conflictor ix xx x: ix is the set of patches:

  • that conflict with x and also conflict with another patch in the repository
  • that conflict with a patch that conflict with x

xx is the sequence of patches that conflict *only* with x

x is the current patch

ix and x are stored as Non objects, which include any necessary context to uniquely define the patch that is referred to.

InvConflictor ix xx x: like invert (Conflictor ix xx x)

data Named p Source

The Named type adds a patch info about a patch, that is a name.

NamedP info deps p represents patch p with name info. deps is a list of dependencies added at the named patch level, compared with the unnamed level (ie, dependencies added with darcs record --ask-deps).


(Conflict p, ShowPatch p) => Show (Named p) 
MyEq p => MyEq (Named p) 
Invert p => Invert (Named p) 
ReadPatch p => ReadPatch (Named p) 
(Conflict p, ShowPatch p) => ShowPatch (Named p) 
Commute p => Commute (Named p) 
Apply p => Apply (Named p) 
(Conflict p, Effect p, Patchy p) => Patchy (Named p) 
Effect p => Effect (Named p) 
Conflict p => Conflict (Named p) 

class (Apply p, Commute p, ShowPatch p, ReadPatch p, Invert p) => Patchy p Source


namepatch :: Patchy p => String -> String -> String -> [String] -> p -> IO (Named p)Source

anonymous :: Patchy p => p -> IO (Named p)Source

isSimilar :: Prim -> Prim -> BoolSource

Tells you if two patches are in the same category, human-wise. Currently just returns true if they are filepatches on the same file.

merge :: Commute p => (p :\/: p) -> p :/\: pSource

commute :: Commute p => (p :> p) -> Maybe (p :> p)Source

class Effect p whereSource

Patches whose concrete effect which can be expressed as a list of primitive patches.

A minimal definition would be either of effect or effectRL.


effect :: p -> FL PrimSource


invert :: Invert p => p -> pSource

invertFL :: Invert p => FL p -> RL pSource

invertRL :: Invert p => RL p -> FL pSource

commuteRL :: Commute p => (RL p :> p) -> Maybe (p :> RL p)Source

sortCoalesceFL :: FL Prim -> FL PrimSource

sortCoalesceFL ps coalesces as many patches in ps as possible, sorting the results according to the scheme defined in comparePrim

applyToTree :: Apply p => p -> Tree IO -> IO (Tree IO)Source

Apply a patch to a Tree, yielding a new Tree.