darcs-beta- a distributed, interactive, smart revision control system




writeDefaultPrefs :: IO ()Source

.[^/] ^_ ~$ (^|)CVS($|) end{verbatim} A newly created repository has a longer boring file that includes many common source control, backup, temporary, and compiled files.

You may want to have the boring file under version control. To do this you can use darcs setpref to set the value `boringfile' to the name of your desired boring file (e.g. verb-darcs setpref boringfile .boring-, where verb-.boring- is the repository path of a file that has been darcs added to your repository). The boringfile preference overrides verb!_darcsprefsboring!, so be sure to copy that file to the boringfile.

You can also set up a `boring' regexps file in your home directory, named verb!~.darcsboring!, on MS Windows~ref{ms_win}, which will be used with all of your darcs repositories.

Any file not already managed by darcs and whose repository path (such as verb!manual/index.html!) matches any of the boring regular expressions is considered boring. The boring file is used to filter the files provided to darcs add, to allow you to use a simple verb-darcs add newdir newdir-\verb-*- % cabal haddock barfs on adjacent * without accidentally adding a bunch of object files. It is also used when the verb!--look-for-adds! flag is given to whatsnew or record. Note that once a file has been added to darcs, it is not considered boring, even if it matches the boring file filter.

data FileType Source