darcs-beta- a distributed, interactive, smart revision control system





catchall :: IO a -> IO a -> IO aSource

ortryrunning :: IO ExitCode -> IO ExitCode -> IO ExitCodeSource

Given two shell commands as arguments, execute the former. The latter is then executed if the former failed because the executable wasn't found (code 127), wasn't executable (code 126) or some other exception occurred. Other failures (such as the user holding ^C) do not cause the second command to be tried.

nubsort :: Ord a => [a] -> [a]Source



:: String

The prompt to display

-> IO String

The string the user entered.

Ask the user for a line of input.

firstNotBlank :: [String] -> Maybe StringSource

Returns Just l where l is first non-blank string in input array; Nothing if no non-blank entries

firstJustM :: Monad m => [m (Maybe a)] -> m (Maybe a)Source

The firstJustM returns the first Just entry in a list of monadic operations. This is close to `listToMaybe fmap sequence`, but the sequence operator evaluates all monadic members of the list before passing it along (i.e. sequence is strict). The firstJustM is lazy in that list member monads are only evaluated up to the point where the first Just entry is obtained.

firstJustIO :: [IO (Maybe a)] -> IO (Maybe a)Source

The firstJustIO is a slight modification to firstJustM: the entries in the list must be IO monad operations and the firstJustIO will silently turn any monad call that throws an exception into Nothing, basically causing it to be ignored.

data PromptConfig Source




pPrompt :: String
pBasicCharacters :: [Char]
pAdvancedCharacters :: [Char]

only shown on help

pDefault :: Maybe Char
pHelp :: [Char]

Tree filtering.

filterFilePaths :: [FilePath] -> AnchoredPath -> t -> BoolSource

Same as filterPath, but for ordinary FilePaths (as opposed to AnchoredPath).

filterPaths :: [AnchoredPath] -> AnchoredPath -> t -> BoolSource

Construct a filter from a list of AnchoredPaths, that will accept any path that is either a parent or a child of any of the listed paths, and discard everything else.

Tree lookup.

treeHas :: (MonadError e m, Functor m, Monad m) => Tree m -> FilePath -> m BoolSource