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data PatchInfo Source

A PatchInfo value contains the metadata of a patch. The date, name, author and log fields are UTF-8 encoded text in darcs 2.4 and later, and just sequences of bytes (decoded with whatever is the locale when displayed) in earlier darcs.

The members with names that start with '_' are not supposed to be used directly in code that does not care how the patch info is stored.

addJunk :: PatchInfo -> IO PatchInfoSource

addJunk adds a line that contains a random number to make the patch unique.

makeFilename :: PatchInfo -> StringSource

This makes darcs-1 (non-hashed repos) filenames, and is also generally used in both in hashed and non-hashed repo code for making patch hashes.

The name consists of three segments:

  • timestamp (ISO8601-compatible yyyymmmddHHMMSS, UTC)
  • SHA1 hash of the author
  • SHA1 hash of the patch name, author, date, log, and "inverted" flag.

readPatchInfo :: ParserM m => m PatchInfoSource

Parser for PatchInfo as stored in patch bundles and inventory files, for example:

 [Document the foo interface
 John Doe <john.doe@example.com>**20110615084241
  Ignore-this: 85b94f67d377c4ab671101266ef9c229
  Nobody knows what a 'foo' is, so describe it.

See showPatchInfo for the inverse operation.

justName :: PatchInfo -> StringSource

Get the name, including an UNDO: prefix if the patch is inverted.

justAuthor :: PatchInfo -> StringSource

Returns the author of a patch.

piName :: PatchInfo -> StringSource

Returns the name of the patch. Unlike justName, it does not preprend UNDO: to the name if the patch is inverted.

piAuthor :: PatchInfo -> StringSource

Returns the author of a patch.

piTag :: PatchInfo -> Maybe StringSource

Get the tag name, if the patch is a tag patch.

piLog :: PatchInfo -> [String]Source

Get the log message of a patch.

showPatchInfo :: PatchInfo -> DocSource

Patch is stored between square brackets.

 [ <patch name>
 <patch author>*<patch date>
  <patch log (may be empty)> (indented one)
  <can have multiple lines in patch log,>
  <as long as they're preceded by a space>
  <and don't end with a square bracket.>

note that below I assume the name has no newline in it. See readPatchInfo for the inverse operation.