darcs-beta- a distributed, interactive, smart revision control system

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printPatch :: Patchy p => p x y -> IO ()Source

printPatch prints a patch on standard output.

contextualPrintPatch :: (Patchy p, ApplyState p ~ Tree) => Tree IO -> p x y -> IO ()Source

contextualPrintPatch prints a patch, together with its context, on standard output.

printPatchPager :: Patchy p => p x y -> IO ()Source

printPatchPager runs '$PAGER' and shows a patch in it.

printFriendly :: (Patchy p, ApplyState p ~ Tree) => Maybe (Tree IO) -> [DarcsFlag] -> p x y -> IO ()Source

printFriendly opts patch prints patch in accordance with the flags in opts, ie, whether --verbose or --summary were passed at the command-line.