data-size- Profiling of data structures

Safe HaskellSafe-Inferred




data Size Source

Counter for of words


mkSize :: Bytes -> SizeSource

Make a counter for one object with n fields

constructors count 1 word If # words for the data is 0, it's a singleton, so the # of objects are not accumulated

singletonSize :: SizeSource

The size value of a singleton

Singletons are only counted once

(.*.) :: Scale a => Int -> a -> aSource

mempty :: Monoid a => a

Identity of mappend

mappend :: Monoid a => a -> a -> a

An associative operation

mconcat :: Monoid a => [a] -> a

Fold a list using the monoid. For most types, the default definition for mconcat will be used, but the function is included in the class definition so that an optimized version can be provided for specific types.

(<>) :: Monoid m => m -> m -> m

An infix synonym for mappend.