data-stringmap- An efficient implementation of maps from strings to arbitrary values

Portabilitynot portable
MaintainerUwe Schmidt (
Safe HaskellSafe-Inferred



A simplified version of StringMap for implementing sets.

There is one important difference to the StringMap implementation: The fields are not marked to be strict. This enables building the set on the fly.

This feature is used in fuzzy search, when an index tree is restricted to a set of keys, e.g. the set of all none case significant keys



data StringSet Source

Set of strings implemented as lazy prefix tree. type StringSet = StringMap () is not feasable because of the strict fields in the StringMap definition


foldPS :: (Key -> b -> b) -> b -> (Key -> Key) -> StringSet -> bSource

foldWithKeyPS :: (Key -> b -> b) -> b -> StringSet -> bSource