data-treify-0.3.4: Reify a recursive data structure into an explicit graph.

Safe HaskellNone




class MuRef ty h whereSource

Associated Types

type DeRef h :: (* -> *) -> * -> *Source


mapDeRef :: forall m v. Applicative m => (forall a. IsTyConstraint ty a => ty a -> h a -> m (v a)) -> forall a. IsTyConstraint ty a => ty a -> h a -> m (DeRef h v a)Source

reifyGraph :: (IsTy ty, IsTyConstraint ty a, MuRef ty h) => ty a -> h a -> IO (Graph ty (DeRef h) a)Source

reifyGraph takes a data structure that admits MuRef, and returns a Graph that contains the dereferenced nodes, with their children as Integer rather than recursive values.