ddc-core-salt- Disciplined Disciple Compiler C code generator.

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data Platform Source

Enough information about the platform to generate code for it. We need to know the pointer size and alignment constraints so that we can lay out heap objects.




platformAddrBytes :: Integer

Width of an address in bytes.

platformTagBytes :: Integer

Width of a constructor tag in bytes.

platformNatBytes :: Integer

Width of a Nat in bytes (used for object sizes like size_t).

platformAlignBytes :: Integer

Align functions on this boundary in bytes.

platformObjBytes :: Integer

Minimum size of a heap object in bytes.

platform32 :: PlatformSource

32-bit platform specification.

Heap objects are aligned to 64-bit so that double-precision floats in the object payloads maintain their alignments.

platform64 :: PlatformSource

64-bit platform specification.