debian-build- Debian package build sequence tools

Safe HaskellSafe-Inferred



This module provides trace-able action instances like commands.



chdir :: String -> Trace ()Source

Change directory action

pwd :: IO StringSource

Action to get current working directory

createDirectoryIfMissing :: String -> Trace ()Source

Create directory if missing

renameDirectory :: String -> String -> Trace ()Source

Rename directory action. e.g. renameDirectory from to

renameFile :: String -> String -> Trace ()Source

Rename file action. e.g. renameFile from to

confirmPath :: String -> Trace ()Source

Confirm filepath using ls command

unpackInDir :: FilePath -> FilePath -> Trace ()Source

Unpack .tar.gz under directory.

unpack :: FilePath -> Trace ()Source

Unpack .tar.gz under archive place.

packInDir' :: FilePath -> FilePath -> FilePath -> Trace ()Source

Pack directory into .tar.gz under working directory

packInDir :: FilePath -> FilePath -> Trace ()Source

Pack directory into same location .tar.gz under working directory

cabalDebian' :: Maybe String -> Trace ()Source

Just call cabal-debian command

cabalDebian :: FilePath -> Maybe String -> Trace ()Source

Call cabal-debian command under specified directory

packageVersion :: String -> Trace DebianVersionSource

Query debian package version

dpkgParseChangeLog :: FilePath -> Trace SourceSource

Read debian changelog file and try to parse into Source

debuild :: FilePath -> [String] -> Trace ()Source

Call debuild under specified directory, with command line options

debi :: FilePath -> [String] -> Trace ()Source

Install packages under specified source package directory

data BuildMode Source

Build mode, all or binary only



buildPackage :: FilePath -> BuildMode -> [String] -> Trace ()Source

Build package using debuild under specified directory

rebuild :: FilePath -> BuildMode -> [String] -> Trace ()Source

Clean and build package using debuild under specified directory

removeGhcLibrary :: BuildMode -> Hackage -> Trace ()Source

Remove ghc library packages under specified source package directory

withCurrentDir' :: FilePath -> Trace a -> Trace aSource

Run action under specified directory

readProcess' :: [String] -> Trace StringSource

Run command without shell and get standard output string.

rawSystem' :: [String] -> Trace ()Source

Run command without shell

system' :: String -> Trace ()Source

Run command with shell