debian-build- Debian package build sequence tools

Copyright2014 Kei Hibino
Safe HaskellSafe-Inferred



This module provides monad types to control build scripts.



type Trace = ReaderT Bool IO Source

Action type with trace flag

runTrace :: Trace a -> Bool -> IO a Source

Run Trace monad

traceCommand :: String -> Trace () Source

Command string trace print along with trace flag

traceOut :: String -> Trace () Source

Output string trace print along with trace flag

putLog :: String -> Trace () Source

Put log stinrg with flush.

bracketTrace :: Trace a -> (a -> Trace b) -> (a -> Trace c) -> Trace c Source

bracket for Trace monad

bracketTrace_ :: Trace a -> Trace b -> Trace c -> Trace c Source

bracket_ for Trace monad

type BaseDir = FilePath Source

Type to specify base directory filepath

askBaseDir :: Build FilePath Source

Get base directory in Build monad

askBuildDir :: Build FilePath Source

Get build working directory in Build monad

data BuildDir Source

Type to specify build working directory


Show BuildDir

Show BuildDir is relative or absolute

buildDirRelative :: FilePath -> BuildDir Source

Use relative path from base-dir as build workding directory

buildDirAbsolute :: FilePath -> BuildDir Source

Use absolute path as build workding directory

data Config Source

Build configuration type


defaultConfig :: (Config, Bool) Source

Default configuration

buildDir :: Config -> BuildDir Source

Specify build dir

debianDirName :: Config -> FilePath Source

Name of debian directory

sourceExcludes :: Config -> [FilePath] Source

Exclude directories to setup source directory

type Build = ReaderT BaseDir (ReaderT Config Trace) Source

Monad type with build base directory and build configuration.

liftTrace :: Trace a -> Build a Source

Lift from Trace monad into monad with Build configuration.

runBuild :: Build a -> BaseDir -> Config -> Bool -> IO a Source

Run Build configuration monad

askConfig :: Build Config Source

Get build configuration in Build monad

bracketBuild :: Build a -> (a -> Build b) -> (a -> Build c) -> Build c Source

bracket for Build monad

bracketBuild_ :: Build a -> Build b -> Build c -> Build c Source

bracket_ for Build monad