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Generation of Sunburst Partitions. A radial view of a Treemap.

The partitions are created without examining the contents of the tree nodes which allows us to create a sunburst for any Tree a. As a consequence we cannot base the size or color of the sections on the data in the tree, but only on depth and number of children. Of course the code could easily be adapted to handle more specific tree data.

See John Stasko, Richard Catrambone, "An evaluation of space-filling information visualizations for depicting hierarchical structures", 2000. http://www.cc.gatech.edu/~john.stasko/papers/ijhcs00.pdf.



sunburst' :: Renderable (Path R2) b => SunburstOpts -> Tree a -> Diagram b R2Source

Take any Tree a and SunburstOpts and make a sunburst partition. Basically a treemap with a radial layout. The root is the center of the sunburst and its circumference is divided evenly according to the number of child nodes it has. Then each of those sections is treated the same way.

sunburst :: Renderable (Path R2) b => Tree a -> Diagram b R2Source

sunburst with default opts

 import Diagrams.TwoD.Sunburst
 import Data.Tree (unfoldTree)
 aTree = unfoldTree (\n -> (0, replicate n (n-1))) 6
 sunburstEx = sunburst aTree # pad 1.1

data SunburstOpts Source




_radius :: Double

Relative size of the root circle, usually 1.

_sectionWidth :: Double

Relative width of the sections.

_colors :: [Colour Double]

Color list one for each ring.