Changelog for diagrams-lib-0.3

0.1: 17 May 2011 * initial preview release 0.1.1: 18 May 2011 * minor documentation fixes * link to new website 0.2: 3 June 2011 * documentation fixes * New functions and primitives: + scaleToX and scaleToY for scaling to an absolute width/height + reverseTrail + new Angle class and ability to use radians, degrees, or circle fractions for specifying angles + rotateAbout and reflectAbout transformations based on new conjugation functions + rect and roundedRect primitives + explodeTrail/Path for breaking trails and paths into individual segments * New features: + opacity attribute + support for path clipping * New modules: + Diagrams.BoundingBox * Fixes and updates: + withBounds now properly uses the new bounds instead of just combining them with the old 0.3: 18 June 2011 * New features: + new customizable stroke' function which lets you assign names to path vertices + circle and square functions now take a size argument + function for adjusting 2D diagrams to requested size abstracted from cairo backend + generalize PathLike class to include an instance for diagrams, and collapse things like polygon/polygonPath into a single polymorphic function + basic text support + basic support for external images + very sketchy initial proof-of-concept library of 3D primitives. See also * Bug fixes: + Issue 32 (mempty not behaving correctly within concatenations)