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Points in space. For more tools for working with points and vectors, see Data.AffineSpace and Diagrams.Coordinates.



data Point v

Point is a newtype wrapper around vectors used to represent points, so we don't get them mixed up. The distinction between vectors and points is important: translations affect points, but leave vectors unchanged. Points are instances of the AffineSpace class from Data.AffineSpace.


Functor Point 
Typeable1 Point 
HasZ P3 
HasY P2 
HasY P3 
HasX P2 
HasX P3 
Eq v => Eq (Point v) 
Data v => Data (Point v) 
Ord v => Ord (Point v) 
Read v => Read (Point v) 
Show v => Show (Point v) 
(OrderedField (Scalar v), InnerSpace v) => Enveloped (Point v) 
(Ord (Scalar v), VectorSpace v) => Traced (Point v)

The trace of a single point is the empty trace, i.e. the one which returns positive infinity for every query. Arguably it should return a finite distance for vectors aimed directly at the given point and infinity for everything else, but due to floating-point inaccuracy this is problematic. Note that the envelope for a single point is not the empty envelope (see Diagrams.Core.Envelope).

HasLinearMap v => Transformable (Point v) 
VectorSpace v => HasOrigin (Point v) 
AdditiveGroup v => AffineSpace (Point v) 
Coordinates v => Coordinates (Point v) 
(InnerSpace v, OrderedField (Scalar v)) => TrailLike [Point v]

A list of points is trail-like; this instance simply computes the vertices of the trail, using trailVertices.

Newtype (Point v) v 
(~ * (Scalar v) s, ~ * (Scalar v') s', ~ * s s') => Wrapped (Point v -> v -> PosInf s) (Point v' -> v' -> PosInf s') (Trace v) (Trace v') 
Wrapped (Point v -> m) (Point v' -> m') (Query v m) (Query v' m') 

origin :: AdditiveGroup v => Point v

The origin of the vector space v.

(*.) :: VectorSpace v => Scalar v -> Point v -> Point v

Scale a point by a scalar.

Point-related utilities

centroid :: (VectorSpace v, Fractional (Scalar v)) => [Point v] -> Point vSource

The centroid of a set of n points is their sum divided by n.

pointDiagram :: (Fractional (Scalar v), InnerSpace v) => Point v -> QDiagram b v m

Create a "point diagram", which has no content, no trace, an empty query, and a point envelope.