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Bernstein polynomials, used internally by code to find intersections of paths. This module is probably not of any relevance to most users of diagrams.



listToBernstein :: Fractional n => [n] -> BernsteinPoly n Source

Create a bernstein polynomial from a list of coëfficients.

evaluateBernstein :: Fractional n => BernsteinPoly n -> n -> n Source

Evaluate the bernstein polynomial.

degreeElevate :: Fractional n => BernsteinPoly n -> Int -> BernsteinPoly n Source

Degree elevate a bernstein polynomial a number of times.

bernsteinDeriv :: Fractional n => BernsteinPoly n -> BernsteinPoly n Source

Find the derivative of a bernstein polynomial.

evaluateBernsteinDerivs :: Fractional n => BernsteinPoly n -> n -> [n] Source

Evaluate the bernstein polynomial and its derivatives.